Do You Currently Make Charitable Donations?

Do You Currently Make Charitable Donations?

Do you make charitable donations during the year besides to your church? Do you know 3 people who would be interested in a business that feeds starving children? Xango Goodness is a business model that allows you to make money in network marketing while helping to feed starving children across the globe. Check it here

If you would like to join our team and help feed hungry children as well as earn a profitable income,  Click Here to check it out. If you are already donating to charities why not make money while helping to feed hungry people?

To Your Unending Success!

Helping to feed starving children






Timothy Langen


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Xango Compensation Plan Video

 How To Make Money While Helping Feed Starving Children And Families

Below is a breakdown of Xango’s compensation plan. The only difference to keep in mind is that my group is working the business not just to make a lot of money but to help feed families in poverty stricken areas of the world.

Also The 35 person meal-pack we recommend, which costs the distributor $90.00 per month, carries a PV of 100. This is a very cool thing the company has done to encourage you to help others with this branch of the business.

Here is the Xango Compensation Plan Video:


Instructions for signing up and helping this great cause:
Click the link above, Then click on the click here to sign up at the bottom left of the page or upper right. Next use the new sign up unless your country is not listed. Click NEXT. Fill out all the information and click NEXT. Then click on XANGO Meal Pack at the top left and then on the right select 1 Monthly ADP and 1 Monthly ADP if you are using the top boxes or 2 and 2 for the bottom order boxes. Click continue and Verify Your Shipping address and click Continue again. Your total order will come to $127.10 which includes your 35.00 distributor kit. Enter your card info and submit.

Welcome Aboard! I also run a website hosting service so anyone who signs up through me will get an additional free webhosting account that you can use for  a blog like this one or whatever you want! I am here to help you succeed in this home business and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

See my main Xango website for more details on the opportunity by clicking here.

To Your Imminent Success!

Helping to feed starving children

Tim Langen